The possibility of parasite AGI

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I think there is a good chance that the first AGI will appear as a parasite entity over the internet, similar to botnets.

There are at least two reasons for that:
– Unlimited computing resources, having distributed nature the new AI will survive any type of control or attempt to remove. It will develop very strong self-preservation features, which will allow it to stay under the radar long enough using considerable resources to become fully developed.
– Access to all the information in the world. Having really big data at its disposal will eliminate one possible way to control AGI providing it with limited information concerning only the task at hand.

I’m not a big conspiracy theory fan, but the idea of Skynet style AI is too tempting. I’m certain that many techniques for self-distribution and staying hidden are already implemented in botnets. That means that one or more internet self-organizing and evolving entities will appear any moment (or maybe already did?). The seed of this development will be set either by somebody (not necessarily for the purpose of parasite AGI) or it may appear naturally as life did (less likely).

The only conclusion is: people, invest in AGI! It will happen anyway so it will be much better for the human race to be in control of the first AGI (e.g. Google or some academic institution) which will allow us to be ahead of the game (e.g control the parasite AGI). That is the best we can do!

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