Politics of the day from a long time ago

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Everybody is talking about Trump’s tweets, the words shock or outraged or anything of this sort are washed out. There is a nice pattern, D.T. would say something outrageous and once the media start to cry over it, he would say something else controversial and the media like catching a laser pointer spot will go after the new one (it’s news). The pattern will continue till the end of time (or its presidency) allowing him to get away with anything, the media are not used to such a concentration of controversy. Everybody (I respect) is scandalized, but the strange effect is that there is no effect on society. The liberal part is tired of negativity and barely can hold its attention on the incoming flow of bad news, the D.T. supporters are too angry with the establishment, worlds, and liberals to consider any rational thought. So there are probably a couple of people in the US not in these two categories, and they maybe are still talking to themselves, trying to make sense of recent events in politics.

The tragedy (Ancient Greek style) is history repeating itself with new twists. Let’s take 1916, Russia is coming out of the Great War and Bolsheviks would use any tool in their revolutionary toolbox to take power, against the government and their allies. How was it possible, because of the revolutionary situation – a week after the war Russia was deep in the misery of biblical proportions (more than usual)?

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