Humanism vs Evolution

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The previous post (Avatar democracy) is probably my outcry following the populist wave in the “Western world” tv show.

Let’s start with some cruel statistics. Some facts (simplified):

1. The Brexit vote has been carried out mostly by old and uneducated people. So, if for example, the life expectancy in Britain was 10 to 15 years less, the referendum vote would favour Remain.
2. About the Trump election. Not so far ago the most religious and uneducated part of the society has been removed from the gene pool by violence and sickness. That way the bottom of an evolutionary barrel would be kept clean and the democratic process wouldn’t be skewed by delusional anti-intellectuals.

Do I sound cruel and anti-humanist? – Yes, but that feeling of guilt that I’m experiencing right now is probably the origin of our evolutionary demise. I want to be clear, I’m not suggesting anything.

Let’s put it differently, we are entering a version of anti-utopian society (known from countless movies), in which democracy is just a tool of oppression. History knows well enough similar cases of democratic societies leaping into “dictatorship of the majority” or “tyranny of the majority”. Eastern Europe socialism under Soviet boot was just one example of “dictatorship of the proletariat”. I’m not clever enough to know what to do nor even how to approach this, except with cynicism. I’m just saying…

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