God as a shortcut

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Everybody likes a shortcut. It saves time and effort, but are we aware always of the cost of it?

Take God for example.

You crave love. Instead of taking the high road and learning how to find somebody special and make a relationship work, you simply go for a shortcut – God. You believe in him and he will love you unconditionally and forever. Can any human compete with that? So you need to love and to be loved, here is the shortcut (works every time).

You are afraid of death. No problem, you believe in God and you will have a soul as a bonus. Only your body dies, you sort of transform and your divine soul (and your consciousness along with it) is saved. Instead of fighting the fear with rational and civilized thoughts, like let me be creative – that way I’ll enjoy the process and others will enjoy the product, or simply let’s do something for the people we love and they will carry our touch with them. But all this is hard work and long-live behaviour, so I would rather take the shortcut…

You’re a curious person and want to know everything – great. You can go to school and read tons of books and still have much more questions than answers, OR you can read one book and have all the right answers. If you’re still uncertain about something, read between the lines or ask your priest to do it for you.

You have a moral dilemma. Why lose yourself in endless discussions about society, our human responsibility, etc. Most probably you’ll end up with more doubts than certainty about what to do. And here it’s a shortcut coming; you just do what you think Jesus would do. Sometimes is hard to imagine Jesus playing a videogame, but again your priest is here for you.

In conclusion: I appreciate the convenience of the shortcut, but if my son gets sick I would rather go to the hospital not to the church because the shortcut doesn’t cut it for me.

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