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Revolutions are ironic (among many other things). They are supposed to change a corrupt and unfair system into something just and beautiful. History, however, shows that the relationships in society stay the same, only the power players exchange places. Take the French revolution, after centuries of aristocracy doing whatever they wish to the plebs, during the revolution the plebs did to the aristocracy just the same without the style. The Bolshevik revolution was in many ways worse, the sheer number of killed by the Bolshevic was astonishing (tens of millions). The same centralized system has been established after the October revolution, but much more oppressive. Were the Bolshevic party leaders worse than the czar, Lenin — maybe, Stalin — ooh yes, …and then comes Mao, Kim dynasty, etc. So why if history repeats itself so many times, the revolutions still fascinate the public imagination. Even some may argue that the recent rise of populism is the closest to a revolution we can get nowadays without overturning the economy boat. The universal, cynical, and not very informative answer is: people are miserable (and stupid) and they would never admit that the misery is coming from their own actions, so it must be the system. Still, there is something deeper for so many different people and cultures to do the same self-destructive act. It bottles down to a lack of understanding as well but in a different way.

For many revolutionaries, the revolution is just their way to power. A smart politician wouldn’t offer a solution for people’s problems but channel their frustration and anger into something easily recognizable (race, wealth, etc) so they let him/her lead. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people who honestly believe that a revolution will better everybody’s life because of a very common bias. They deeply believe that people are by nature whatever revolutionaries consider being right and just. If you read early anarchists (Kropotkin) you would be astonished at how naive are his assumptions about how people will behave after being liberated (after the event). So if everybody has this righteousness deep inside them why do they behave in the way they do and that is definitively not the right way. The only sensible answer is — the SYSTEM (whatever that means). The system enslaves people in so many ways that they are not themselves anymore. The solution is obvious — back to the authentic human roots: reset/destroy/revolutionize the system, so the people will be liberated to become their natural selves. Beautiful, people are so beautiful inside (if look deep enough) that after their liberation that beauty will save and elevate us all. Well, …maybe there are some “technical problems” along the way to this paradise on earth. Like exterminating a percentage of the population which do not agree to sacrifice themselves for a brighter future.

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