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1. Is your own existence (as an experience) your measure of real-world existence? If it is not, what is?
2. Say something meaningful. Now say something meaningless. Are you certain that a person who doesn’t know you can always tell which is which?
3. Humans are meaning-making machines. What is a meaning for you, in a sense, what would be enough to declare that you understand the meaning of something?
4. We are confined by our common sense. Can you imagine something completely impossible and new, something you have never heard before? It’s a good mental exercise to deconstruct your common sense and challenge its limits.
5. Do you remember a discussion that changed your mind? If yes, was it more due to a good argument or your opponent personality?
6. When you meet a new fascinating person, would you like to impress them or to be impressed by them? …or you wouldn’t disturb the flow of the conversation with such silliness?
7. Which one do you think is more wrong: to stereotype yourself or to stereotype others?
8. How often do you consider anything beyond your own experiential and intellectual horizon (mental box)?
9. Have you ever thought about yourself in good/bad person terms or do you prefer “imperfect human being” as more ambiguous?
10. Do you think that your sense of humour can get you out (psychologically and socially) of any problem situation?
11. Do you trust your guts (your intuition)? If you do, do you care where your intuition is coming from?
12. Do you think that “the beauty will save the world”, or love or technology or anything of that scale? What does it even mean to save anybody from themselves?

I bet there is a philosopher sleeping somewhere inside me, what you see here is his snoring.

I find the questionnaire of Max Frisch really fascinating.

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