Happy questions

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1. Why are you happy?
2. Why are you unhappy?
3. Is it healthy to be happy all the time or maybe it’s better not to be unhappy?
4. Can you be happy alone?
5. We want things in an attempt to be happier. Then these things become purpose by themselves. Have you felt that process at the moment or always as a memory?
6. Is happiness a physiological/mental condition or a symptom (a side effect of some condition)?
7. Does extreme positiveness lead to happiness? If yes, how far would you go to delude yourself to be positive?
8. Is the feeling different between trained (self-conditioned) happiness and spontaneous one?
9. Is happiness always related to wishful thinking?
10. Is it sustainable to have your happiness be your meaning of life?
11. Happy people are social magnets. Is that social support the evolutionary advantage to be happy?
12. Can you estimate how happy/unhappy I am from these questions?

“If you want to be happy, be so!” — Kozma Prutkov

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