The ultimate evil

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If you are reading this there is still hope that the Russian psychopathic maniac with complete disregard for human life hasn’t blown up the planet yet.

There is no doubt in my mind that a person who is ready to sacrifice his own people will sacrifice humanity itself if anything stays on his mission way. That is to have his Russian empire back. The world does not agree because ex-socialistic countries including the ones from USSR are sovereign countries now. “Giving” them to Russia means ending the sovereignty as international law.
“If Russia cannot be restituted as a great country, a world power (the bully of the world) what is the point of anything, including our planet’s existence.” Am I panicking, probably but how does one react to war in the nuclear age.
Everybody is trying to understand Putin’s thinking. That could be helpful on a tactical level but when it comes to the strategy he does not think he feels that his mission is to make Russia glorious again… or else. Now is his last chance, most of his intelligentsia has left, a demographic crisis is imminent and the money is largely gone or frozen.

Shame on you Russians to empower the ultimate evil which will bury us all.

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